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Dear Neighbor,

The Dunbars enjoy a queit momentWelcome to my on-line headquarters and thank you for visiting.

Please take a few moments to find out more about me, my record and how I’m working hard to deliver on my campaign promise to put Pennsylvania’s taxpayers first.

In my first two terms, I worked hard to change the trend of wasteful spending of your tax dollars. Pennsylvania needed to learn to live within its means, just like you do on a daily basis.

Things are changing for the better for the hard working men and women of Pennsylvania. In my first two terms, government sending has been kept to inflationary limits and unemployment is at its lowest level since 2009, but more needs to be done. That's why I am running for reelection - because, like you, I know our state can do better - better for taxpayers, better for job creators and better for our children.

Over the past three years, we have passed legislation to put Pennsylvania back on a strong fiscal foundation. In fact, my first year in office we passed the first ever on-time, balanced budget that cut wasteful state spending by $1 billion, did not increase taxes, and eliminated more than $1 billion in debt. I am proud to say, our next two budgets were also on time, with no tax increases. The 2013-14 budget is significantly lower than what the Commonwealth could spend under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) formula, which is tied to inflation and population growth. Most importantly, we’ve passed tough strong reforms to eliminate welfare fraud and abuse so our tax dollars can be focused on priorities like education.

Dunbar Coaches Girls Basket Ball for almost 20 yearsIt was an honor to have one of my initiatives signed into law to help reduce the size of government. My law allows counties to eliminate the outdated office of jury commissioner as a way to save tax dollars. I also sponsored and voted for serious legislation to reduce the size of the legislature from 203 members to 153.

We have also begun to blaze a path back to economic and job growth by passing important reforms that are making Pennsylvania competitive in the national jobs marketplace.

And, as always, I have made reform of state government a top priority and have led by example to change the way Harrisburg operates. I refused a taxpayer paid car, the automatic COLA, and per diems - instead submitting actual receipts like in the real world. I worked successfully to make state legislators pay a portion
of their healthcare costs like in the private sector. The new majority in the House also passed a new law that created an on-line database enabling taxpayers to see exactly how their money is spent.

My leadership on reform in Harrisburg has been recognized by my appointment as chairman of the Reform Caucus. The Reform Caucus is a bi-partisan (Democrats and Republicans) and bi-cameral (House and Senate) group of like-minded legislators recently formed to advocate for further reforms like those mentioned above. I am honored my colleagues have expressed confidence in me to continue to push the reform agenda forward.

I’m running again so that I can continue to be a strong voice for protecting taxpayers and getting our economy moving again. That's why I need your help!

After you have looked through this website, I hope that you will take the time to volunteer for, or donate to, my campaign. Most importantly, I hope that you will take the time to vote for me in the General Election Day on Tuesday, November 6th.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or ideas you may have.

George Dunbar

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