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A husband, father, taxpayer and businessman, George Dunbar is a professional CPA and local elected official who will use his experience and commonsense to reform Harrisburg to get Pennsylvania and our region back on track . . .

Your Vote CountsProven Leader, Proven Record of Protecting Taxpayers
As a Certified Public Accountant and local elected official, George understands the importance of prioritizing and sticking to a budget.  He’ll use his knowledge and experience to do the same in Harrisburg.

Set Priorities and Stop Spending Money We Don’t Have
As a township supervisor, George never increased property taxes.  In fact, he helped to replace a township debt with a surplus while providing for essential services and increasing funding for the library, and fire and police departments. 

We need this type of experience in Harrisburg to force government and the politicians to set priorities we can afford, cut wasteful government spending and stop their out-of-control borrowing.  Our local representative has enabled Governor Rendell to explode the Commonwealth’s budget by more than 40% in just the last eight years – and increased our debt by nearly 30%.  We must control spending now!

Bipartisanship Effort to Identify and Eliminate Wasteful Spending 
George will use his accounting skills to review the budget line-by-line to see what works, what doesn’t and what can be eliminated.  He will start with the Democrat State Auditor General’s recommendations that already identify programs that need cut or eliminated.

Make Pennsylvania Competitive to Create Jobs, Grow the Economy
George is the Controller of a local company and, in his role, he understands how important it is for a company or a state to be competitive in order to succeed.  That’s why he’ll fight to reduce burdensome taxes and over-regulation that continue to prevent employers from creating new jobs.  Economic growth means keeping our families and kids right here – which is why he will make it his top priority in Harrisburg.

Safe and Responsible Development of Tomorrow’s Jobs…for Today
The recent surge in leasing activities in the Marcellus Shale natural gas reserve, which includes Westmoreland County, has the potential to positively transform our economy.  George will work to insure our Commonwealth realizes its fullest potential in terms of job creation.  He will also strive to make sure our Commonwealth becomes one of the largest exporters of natural gas in the world  -- reducing our dependence on foreign oil and making our country safer.

Lower Property Taxes and Reverse the Broken Promises
As a homeowner and property taxpayer, George knows our property taxes are too high and are forcing working families and seniors out of their homes.  He also knows that the politicians in Harrisburg promised property tax relief but continue to let us down. 

Despite passing gaming legislation which promised to raise money for reducing property taxes, the political bosses continue to spend this money on their political paybacks and pet projects.  George will have the courage to stand up to them and say no more – and to force the insiders to keep their promise and provide real property tax relief with that money.

Reform Harrisburg to Save Us Money
George is a local elected official, youth sports coach for his daughters and other local children, and a community leader.  He’s does this to give something back to his community, not for himself.  As State Representative he’ll do the same –put our interests first.  George will fight for real reform by standing up to the special interests and career politicians.

Putting an End to the Perks
Serving in the legislature should be about public service and like working in the real world: submit expenses for what you pay for and nothing else.  He’ll drive his own car and will never vote for a pay raise.

Addressing the Pension Crisis
Legislators should not have special retirement plans.  Their plans should be like ours: 401(k) plans that require contributions from the employee instead of big, taxpayer-paid plans that set them up for life after only a few terms in office.  The current economic downturn and this system have created a more than billion dollar crisis for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania that requires immediate attention.

Openness and Transparency
Too much of what is done in Harrisburg is done behind closed doors and by a few powerful politicians.  We need to make the state legislature more open and transparent to the public – and we need to take power away from a select few so every legislator has a strong voice.

A Voice for Our Values and Communities 
George will never forget that he is there to represent the people of our communities – always working to protect and improve our quality of life. 

Accessible and Ready to Listen
George knows that to represent us, he needs to listen to us.  That’s why he will hold town hall meetings, neighborhood coffees and continue meeting with residents one-on-one to listen to their concerns.

Provide Excellent Constituent Services
As a local official, George has made helping the people he represents a top priority.  As our representative, he will do the same by maintaining a full-time office and staff, scheduling mobile office hours around the district and providing all of us with the service we deserve.

Carry Our Values to Harrisburg
Like us, George is pro-life and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  In Harrisburg, he will stand up to the politicians – including those in his own party – who would try to weaken our state’s abortion laws or take away the rights of gun owners.


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