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Dunbar Delivers

George will help us put an end to the perks. Serving in the legislature should be about public service and like working in the real world. George submits receipts for his expenses and does not collect the per deim.  He drives his own car and will never vote for a pay raise. In George's first term, he voted to end free healthcare for state employees and is a co-signer for penison reform.

A true fiscal conservative who voted for the first on-time budget in nine years and the first time since at least 1970 that state spending was less than the previous year.

Tough On Welfare Fraud and Abuse Public assistance is for those who cannot care for themselves. Permitting others to collect welfare slices the pie too thin, creating hardships for the truly needy.

Certified Public Accountant and Controller with professional business world experience at developing budgets, controlling costs and helping to create jobs. George knows what it is like meet a payroll and evaluate the success of a program.

Taxpayer, husband and father who understands the concerns of our working families and seniors.

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