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George meets with locals farmers about taxes and regulations.STRONG REFORMS

"As State Representative, I worked hard to reform and change state government and put taxpayers first. Because I have kept my promise and pledge to continue working to ensure government is working for you and not the special interests, my colleagues have done me the great honor of naming me Chairman of the Government Reform Caucus. "

- George Dunbar

Leading by Example to Reform Harrisburg

George has led by example on reform and fought to ensure a more open and transparent government to save taxpayers money.

Saying “No” to Costly Perks
Just like he promised, George refused a taxpayer-paid car and per diems. He has also refused to accept the automatic legislative salary Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) every year. George continues to work to change the taxpayer-paid defined contribution pension system.

Making Legislators Pay More
George fulfilled his pledge to pay for a portion of his own healthcare and even supported a new initiative that is forcing all state Representative to pay for a portion of their healthcare costs like those in the private sector must do.

More Transparent Government
George supported a new law that creates an on-line database of all state spending called PennWATCH that will let taxpayers see exactly where and how their money is spent.

Legislate in the Light of Day
George supported new House rules that allow for more time for public review of legislation before it is voted
upon, limits the time of day in which votes can take place and more.

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