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Dunbar Delivers on Campaign Promises


"My leadership on reform in Harrisburg has been recognized by my appointment as chairman of the Reform Caucus. The Reform Caucus is a bi-partisan (Democrats and Republicans) and bi-cameral (House and Senate) group of like-minded legislators recently formed to advocate for further reforms like those mentioned above. I am honored my colleagues have expressed confidence in me to continue to push the reform agenda forward. "

-George Dunbar



Proven Leader for Taxpayer Advocacy

"I've worked across party lines so taxpayers can keep more of their hard earned money while focusing on our priorities
like education and job creation." - George Dunbar

As our State Representative, George Dunbar's message has gained the kind of respect in Harrisburg that has honored him with several leadership positions during his second term. Even in his first term, George successfully shepherded a bill through the legislature to the Governor's desk, which is a rare feat for a freshman.

Chairman Government Reform Caucus 2014 - Present
Deputy Chairman Policy Committee 2013 - Present
Vice Chairman Gaming Oversight 2013 - Present


Just as important, George remains focused on the priorities we care about. In particular, when the
Governor proposed a gas tax on struggling Pennsylvanians, George said, “NO,” four times.


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