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GEORGE DUNBAR…Delivering For Us

Dunbar DeliversIt is my privilege to serve you in the state legislature. My record as a conservative voice of reason and common sense in the legislature is clear:

  • Passed three balanced budgets on time - for the first time in seven years - that didn’t raise taxes.

  • Pushed for strong reforms to the Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program (RCAP) to insure taxpayer money is being spent wisely and not on libraries for politicians.

  • Demonstrated my independence by voting NO four times on the gas tax to protect Westmoreland County taxpayers.

  • Prime-sponsor of the law giving county commissioners the option to vote on whether or not to keep the outdated position of jury commissioner. Our Westmoreland County Commissioners have since voted to abolish the post - to protect our tax dollars.

  • Reformed the state’s tort system to curb lawsuit abuse and changed the welfare system to provide
    real accountability;Swearing In 2013 - Harrisburg, PA

  • Passed regulatory reform and infrastructure upgrade legislation to make Pennsylvania more competitive in job creation;

  • Forced State House members to pay a portion of their own healthcare like those in the private sector do;

  • Refused a taxpayer paid car – he drives his own vehicle - and does not take per diems – only submitting actual business expenses. He refused the automatic COLA and continues to work to eliminate it;

  • Established strong cooperation between state and local government by actively addressing overdue traffic issues along Route 130. By working with PennDOT, the Turnpike Commission and Penn Township on a plan to fix the Turnpike bridge and improve the intersection the project was completed without wasting time or materials. Work continues with Westmoreland County, PennDOT and utilities to improve the intersection at Route 130 and Harrison City - Export Road.

  • Coach Dunbar with his former team.Stood firm against leadership by voting NO to protect local zoning rights under Act 13 of 2011.

  • Created a comprehensive and easily searchable online database of state spending to make the
    budget process more transparent to protect taxpayers; and,

  • Passed the Castle Doctrine to reinforce a person’s right to defend themselves, their families, and
    their homes in the face of an attacker.

  • Worked to protect our Pro-Life values.

I will continue to work to ensure state spending is focused on our priorities, strong reforms are passed in Harrisburg and our values are always protected.

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